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We all love our privacy from time to time and it’s up to you who you share your personal information with. At Peoplecare Eyes and Teeth, it’s our job to keep all of your information and Health Records and we’re 100% committed to the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles.

We only collect information that we need to provide services to you, and we don’t collect personal information unless we ask you first. We protect your personal details and we’ll only share your information if it’s needed to provide our services.

To read our full Privacy Policy, click here

Intent of the Privacy Policy:  At Peoplecare we are very careful with the way we collect, use, store and share personal information about our Peoplecarers, members, customers and other partners associated with our business such as health providers etc.

The law (Privacy Act 1988) has set out some important principles about what to do with personal information and we have included them in our every day processes and the way we talk to our members and customers.

We will:

  • never collect personal information on our Peoplecarers, members or customers unless we ask for it first.
  • always tell our Peoplecarers, members and customers why we need this information i.e employment matters, claims processing, billing purposes, updating new products , legal reasons.
  • only share personal information to organisations that have strict privacy policies in place and for the purposes of carrying out our business i.e ATO, banks, superannuation companies, other service providers.
  • have the most up to date information technology to make sure all personal information is secure.
  • only provide access to information Peoplecarers need to do their job.  Nothing else.
  • give our members and customers a copy of the company Privacy Policy if they ask for it.
  • let our members and customers know that if they have any concerns about us not following this policy to contact the Privacy Officer at:

Locked Bag 33,
Wollongong, NSW 2500
Telephone : 1800 808 690
Email :

If a Peoplecarer does not follow this policy it may result in disciplinary action or if it is a serious breach, it could mean termination.