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Welcome to the home of gap-free dental!

Know you should be going to the dentist more often but don’t want to sell the family jewellery to cover the cost?

Peoplecare Eyes & Teeth is Wollongong’s home of no-gap dental. We’re here to show that you can get excellent dental care without out-of-pocket expenses for some preventative dental services.

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* ‘No-gap’ and ‘gap-free’ applies to these preventative dental services: consult, scale, clean, fluoride and X-rays.

Who’s eligible?

Kids, students, adults and seniors (or more simply, everyone) with general dental cover on their extras policy are eligible. You don’t even need to be a Peoplecare member.


How does it work?

All we do is draw down on your general dental annual limit on your cover (so you’ll need that available). Most funds cover two of our gap-free visits per year.


What’s gap free*?

It’s where you have no out-of-pocket expenses for preventative dental work, such as consult, scale & clean, X-rays & fluoride.

What’s included?

More than you’d expect. Consult, scale, clean fluoride and X-rays. Can you believe it?

Fear no more when that X-ray machine comes out that your dentist is taking your wallet for a ride.


Where is this dental oasis?

Behind the mall in Wollongong (63 Market St).


Do I need to be a Peoplecare member?



Do I need to serve my waiting periods?

Yes. To get the no-gap* dental deal, you’ll need to serve your 2-month general dental waits on your extras cover with your health fund.


Are there any advantages with Peoplecare extras?

Sure are. If you need to go beyond normal preventative dental work, you’ll get discounted rates on additional work.

Not a Peoplecare member but keen to join?

We’d love to have you in the fold. Call 1800 808 700 or join online.


  • ’No gap’ means there are no out-of-pocket costs on a selected range of preventative dental treatments (as long as your annual dental limit hasn’t been used)
  • Preventive dental covers consultation, scale & clean, x-rays and fluoride
  • All private health fund members are eligible, and most funds allow preventive care twice a year
  • No gap preventive dental isn’t available with any other product discount or special offer for private health fund members, excluding Peoplecare members
  • Peoplecare members with extras cover receive gap-free treatment and lower out-of-pocket costs for dental services. ‘Lower out-of-pocket costs’ means that the schedule of dental fees is discounted for Peoplecare members
  • To get no gap preventive dental treatment:
    • You need to hold dental cover on the day of your treatment
    • You need to have your current, valid health fund card with you on the day
    • You can’t have exceeded your fund’s benefit limit for the year, and the full benefit that your fund would normally pay needs to be received for each treatment item
  • If you need more treatment, we’ll give you a comprehensive, itemised treatment plan so you’ll know exactly what the cost will be
  • You are responsible for full payment if you don’t have private health cover
  • Pricing structures are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice